Our Park Place Program Guidelines

Definition of Community in Need

85192_pathfinder_tube-hole-kids_webCommunities in need shall be defined as those targeted by state, or local governments, housing authorities, school districts, or Park & Recreation departments for special low-income funding, grants, or tax credits, in order to build or revitalize the community, school, park, or play area. In addition, a governing entity may prove a specific need by providing;
1) data on a concentration of children without a play facility, and 2) a budget exhibiting lack of funding for the project, as detailed within our community application.

85203_criss-cross-spinning-seat-1_webProgram Requirements

  • Lower tax bases making equipment purchase out of reach
  • Local economies no longer supporting Park and Recreation (P&R) budgets, or needs that outweigh P&R budgets
  • P&R Departments under-staffed, part-time, or staffed with only volunteer personnel
  • High population of children without any, or without adequate play space
  • Communities unable to replace damaged and hazardous playgrounds which fail routine inspections

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