Every Child Deserves a Place to Play

Our Mission:

Our mission at Our Park Place is to make a distinct positive impact on the health and development of children using a non-profit, multi-stakeholder model to solve a social need; providing park play areas, school playgrounds and recreational play centers to under-served communities throughout the United States.


SmileWhat Are We Doing About It?

  • Our Park Place designs and builds playgrounds that are multi-generational and accessible to all
  • Assists in the fundraising, planning and installation of the play space using a multi-stakeholder model that involves the community as well as industry experts
  • Focuses on communities in need and is able to provide equipment at a substantial cost reduction given our business partnerships
  • Our Park Place is dedicated to improving the future of all of America’s children

 How Can You Help?

Your donation of any amount will help us to achieve our goal of making play accessible to all of our children.

“Given what’s at stake we have a moral, ethical, political and social obligation to provide children with the time, space and tools to generate play.”
-Dr. Susan Linn, Harvard Medical School

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