A Child's Job is to Play!

A child's job is to play.  For some of us, our most cherished childhood memories are from the playgrounds of our youth.  Imagine growing up with no place outdoors to explore, play and grow.  Now imagine how easy it is to make a difference.  One playground at a time.

Through no fault of their own, municipalities across the country have seen their tax base shriveled up to the point where they have no funds for parks and recreation. This is usually the first line item in a town budget that gets cut. It's not always possible to find grants that provide for these investments and OPP has chosen to help fill this gap through corporate donations.

Children today suffer from what Richard Louv calls a, "nature deficit disorder". Too much time is spent indoors instead of playing outdoors. Couple that with fast food and you have an unhealthy combination of poor diet and inactivity - the leading cause of obesity. Some kids simply have no place to go and play. The playground plays an integral role in bringing communities together and promoting healthy minds and bodies through something we all can relate to: unstructured play!

OUR PARK PLACE works with communities that are financially unable to provide modern playground equipment for their parks. We are a team of experienced playground designers who see a need where children have no safe and up-to-date playground equipment.


Did you know that playgrounds can help fight obesity?  Research proves it!